My blog, mostly about the environment and nutrition.

Bibliography of my work on smart markets for water resources.

Miscellaneous research, unpublished

Raffensperger, John F., "Wealth effects of maximizing palatability."

Free Task Scheduling spreadsheet.

- Quit having to work out priorities.

-Know that you can finish your work..

-Know how much time you have available..

-Always do the highest priority task.

I struggled for years with time management. Eventually, I settled on a 2-tier system. For the top tier, I created (and modified over the years) a spreadsheet that help me decide what I needed to do this week. The spreadsheet has tools to copy this week's chores into Outlook, which I do once per week. For the second tier, I then arrange the tasks to fit my current schedule.

Here it is: As always, use at your own risk, no support provided, your mileage may vary.


Gettysburg Address in PowerPoint

How to move stuff from one house or apartment to another.

Original fiction and humor


"The Fisherman's Husky".

"The Staircase".


"A tall tale of Lego". Most of this story is true.

National Troubadour Day.

Christmas stories

AccuDollar Software, Inc.

"Stix & Coal."

"The Pint of Nard."

"The Last Christmas Present."

"Report from the Vice-Chair of the Worship Committee to the Head of Session, Elkhaven Presbyterian Church, Elkhaven, Wisconsin, on the Music During the 1995 Christmas Eve Service."

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